Q.1 Do you supply all the materials needed to complete the job?

A.   Yes TKO Floors will provide all materials needed to install your floors. We have a huge selection of hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, laminates, tiles, carpets and trims available to complete any  


Q.2 Is it necessary that the old carpet, be removed before putting in the new wood floors?

A.   Yes, to ensure that the new floors are perfectly installed most pre-existing materials will have to be removed. We will be glad to remove, transport and dispose of the existing carpet, hardwoods, tiles, laminates or linoleum for you.


Q.3 Do you do cement work and level the sub-floors too?

A.   Absolutely every sub-floor will be perfectly prepared to receive the new floor. Whether it be cement levelling on concrete or feathering layers of wood over pre-existing plywood floors or total replacement of a plywood sub-floor. We take our time to locate and repair any squeaky areas or soft spots in your sub-floors. 


Q.4 Do you offer “eco-friendly” products?

A.  Absolutely. There are many products developed from the ground u that are eco-friendly. Cork and bamboo products are alternatives but there are also hardwoods that are harvested and managed using low impact methods. Call for up to date availability.


Q.5 How far in advance do we need to book an installation with you?

A.   We recommend booking a free consultation as soon as possible once you have decided to put in new floors. Most jobs are booked at least a week prior to the installation but we maybe able to accommodate a last minute request too. Call for details.


Q.6  Do we need to hire someone else to do the baseboards, trim and paint work or does TKO handle these areas?

A.    TKO will paint and install all base boards, transition strips, fireplace frames, stairs etc. We also offer custom staining to match trims to floors and/or pre-existing trims as well as a caulking service.


Q.7 How do I know if I need a nail down or a glue down hardwood floor?

A.   The choice of installation usually depends on the material of the sub-floor and in some cases cost issues. As a rule we nail down onto plywood sub-floors and glue down onto concrete. We will glue down a layer of cork underlay to the concrete in apartments and condos before gluing the hardwood on top to ensure the best acoustical insulation and keep the neighbours happy.


Q.8 Do we have to install an underlay material?

A. In most cases it is a good idea to add an underlayment before covering with your new floor. The benefits are many as they act as a vapour, temperature and a sound barrier and they add a layer of cushion and comfort your new floor. They are not generally used in nail down applications as the nails hold the new solid hardwood to a plywood sub-floor that is normally ¾ of an inch thick. TKO will always install underlayment in accordance with any apartment building strata’s guidelines.


Q. 9 How do we keep our new wood floors looking good?

A. TKO highly recommends that you use felt feet protectors on all of your furniture, plants, etc. that will be sitting on your new wood or laminate floors. Keeping a consistent temperature around 20 degrees celsius and low humidity 30-35% is a good maintenance practice. Avoid sliding things, opting for lifting and then lowering them down in place to prevent scratches and dents. Also clean your floors with a product specifically designed to clean and protect the type of flooring you have should ensure the best longevity. Damp micro fibre mops are a good choice of cleaning tool. Wet mopping, waxes, oils, abrasive cleaners and high heeled shoes should be kept off of your wood floors.

Area rugs at entrances are good for trapping grit and dirt and prolonging your floor’s new sheen.


Q.10 Are you insured?

A. Absolutely. We carry enough insurance to protect you and ourselves from any unforeseeable accidents that can happen on rare occasion in all construction zones. All of our workers are protected by the BC WORKMAN’S Compensation Board as well. We take every conceivable precaution to ensure that no harm or damage come to you, us or your belongings.


Q.11 How can we prepare our home prior to your arrival?

A.     To best serve you and ensure a smooth and quick install you can have the rooms to be covered emptied out or at least moved to the side of the room furthest from the start rows. (We will discuss this during your free consultation.) Also clear a covered area on a patio, deck or garage where the installer’s saws, tools can be set up. It is a good idea to remove wall hangings and tie up low hanging ceiling lamps from the work areas. Doors which are mounted to the existing floors ie: bi-fold doors and shelving units can be un-fastened by you if you choose. The product to be installed should be in the room at least 24 hrs. in advance and the room should e kept warm and dry. We greatly appreciate your assistance in these areas.


Q. 12 What if we can’t be home when you need to begin?

A.      We can use a key lockbox to give TKO employees access to the work areas and not inconvenience your schedules.


Q.13 How do we decide which direction to run the floors?

A.      In many cases it depends on your choice but we normally recommend running it parallel to the longest wall in the room or the direction that the daylight comes in the windows. This also depends on the type of flooring to be installed. Nail down installation of solid hardwoods have to be installed perpendicular or at 45 degrees to the floor joists.